Trick dog titles

Every dog is a trick dog!

Cost: $125 for a 4 week class - Includes official Ribbon and Certificate

It doesn't matter if you are brand new to dog tricks, or have a few tricks under your belt. These classes are for everyone!

Novice Trick Dog Class:
Novice tricks are for everyone! You do not need any prior dog training classes to be able to earn your Novice Trick Dog Title. With our 4 week class, you will learn over 20 tricks! We also go over tips and tricks of dog training. The foundations in this class will set you up for success in Intermediate! You must pass Novice in order to move on to Intermediate.

Intermediate Trick Dog Class:
The tricks start getting harder, and your love for teaching your dog new tricks will increase as well! Less tricks can be completed with a lure, and the trick difficulty will increase. After 4 weeks, if your dog can complete all the tricks, the will earn their Intermediate Trick Dog Title and go home with a ribbon!

An Advanced Trick Dog Title is a something that requires a large amount of committment, as the tricks get increasingly harder. Classes are also 4 weeks, and all tricks must be done with no lure to get your ribbon!

If you can make it to expert... man you must be a great team! Expert tricks will take lots of extra work between classes to be able to complete them seamlessly for your test. This is the highest level of trick titles we offer at Manitoba Animal Actors. Earning your Expert Trick Dog Title and ribbon is a great feat of skills!

New classes start March 18th at

Sprockett's Doggy Day Camp (Keewatin)

Our trick classes are taught by our Certified Trick Dog Instructor, Jillian Fadun. Check out her amazing Expert Trick Dog, Pickett!

Send us a message to register, or to inquire about future classes