Animal acting classes       

This adorable video was put together by some of our trainers and their dogs for Christmas. 

There are plans of more videos like this one to promote our dogs. Graduates of our classes may have a chance for a part in small videos such as this one!

 Dogs of all shapes and sizes are welcome! It does not matter if your best friend is a puppy or a senior. Every dog is able to participate.

 How classes work:


If your dog has never taken one of our classes before, we require all dogs to take our acting skills class. This class will set you up for success in Level One. We will go over training skills such as shaping, luring, reward placement and mat work.


Upon completion of Acting Skills, you and your dog can now start the fundamantals of dog acting. In Level One we start working on distance work, as well as some of the most common behaviours that producers look for when casting dogs for their show or movie. This class requires homework to be done every week and weekly report cards.


Upon completion of Level One, you will be ready for more involved tricks. All tricks are done on a "Mark", and not only do you have to learn a new trick every week, but you must come up with your own trick that will impress directors in their short video. Yes, a short video will be filmed of them for their final test!


Upon completion of Level Two, you will then be ready for script work. Each week you will be working on a script with the behaviours you have learned from Level One and Two. This is where we test to see if your dog can handle the pressure of the camera and work among other human actors.

*On the last class of each level you will have a test, and you must get 75% or higher to move on to the next level*

The entertainment industry in Manitoba is booming! Manitoba Animal Actors have been extremely busy in 2018 with big feature films, commercials, and television shows. We need your dog! Over 30 of our furry students were cast this year alone. You could be next!

Above all, these classes are engaging and challenging. We guarantee that you will have a unique, fun and positive training experience!

Each class lasts 4 weeks and are $125 each. If you cannot attend the final class for your test or do not recieve 75% or higher, you do not have to retake the class. We offer a re-test for $15.

Please make sure that you can attend all classes as we do not offer refunds or make up classes.

Emails will be sent if classes have to be resceduled due to weather or road conditions.

Please contact us for our class schedule by filling out a form submission below, or emailing us directly at: